Baby boy wearing white short sleeve Snugtums top


about Snugtums

How Snugtums began...

Having a new baby changes life as we know it beyond belief.As new parents we experience all kinds of wonderful (and some not so wonderful) unexpected challenges.  

Things we've never considered an issue before can become hugely time consuming and repetitive tasks.Made up for in an instant by the indescribable feeling of love and amazement we have for this incredible tiny person.

How does it work?

It's not easy making sure tummies are covered and nappies are kept in place when your little one just wants to be busy having fun.That's why we've designed tops that look like t-shirts and stay in place just like a vest or a bodysuit.


Snugtums tops will keep your tiny tot's tummy covered with poppers that fasten between their legs, keeping their nappy nice and secure too.And they look just like a regular top once your baby has their bottoms on, as they hang over their jeans, leggings, skirt, trousers or shorts, just like a normal t-shirt.

Plus, there's only one layer of material over your baby's chest so if it's warm (or you prefer to dress your little one in layers) you don't have to worry about them getting too hot.


Having one won't help you feel less tired, but we hope it makes things a tiny bit easier for you and your small person.The idea for Snugtums stemmed from a little seed sewn when we experienced having our own brand new small person.We found bodysuits to be an absolute essential (they're brilliantly functional and there are some really cute designs available).But what came up time and again was the need to use a bodysuit and a top.So we set about designing tops that hang over whatever a baby is wearing on their bottom but stays in place like a bodysuit (using poppers that secure the top in place underneath a nappy).Something that also mean a baby doesn't have to wear two layers (especially handy in warmer weather).


The essence of our brand is about making things easier for parents, without compromising on quality, style or fashion.All our tops are made in Great Britain (from good quality cotton) because it's really important to us that we support UK manufacturing.

Thank you to our lovely model, Louie, the little ray of sunshine at the top of this page - he was an absolute angel on the photo shoot!

Amazing people we've worked with

We love working with other businesses who have experience in providing products and services for parents with babies and young children too. We think great minds think alike so that's why we like to use photographers who specialize in photographing newborns, babies and children. 

Lightmonkey Photography did an amazing photo shoot for us when we first shot our Snugtums products. And we were lucky to be able to include the lovely baby cushion, one of many creative products produced by the talented Miss Shelly Designs, as a prop in our photo shoot.

More recently we've been working with Abigail Stewart Photography, high-end new born and baby photographer, on photo shoots for our new products.