Snugtums tops tested and reviewed by the boss baby

We interviewed our chief test engineer for Snugtums, Mr C, aka the boss's baby, to find out what he thinks about our tops. He's been with the firm for 12 weeks now, and with a minimum of three outfit changes on average per day, his knowledge and experience of the baby fashion industry is second to none.

Us: So Mr C, tell us a bit about what you’ve been testing for us.

Mr C: I’ve been playing about with a Snugtums long sleeve top, putting it through its paces.

Us: How did you like the fit?

Mr C: Well, it’s nice and snug as the name suggests, luckily. I found it really comfy because it’s made out of 100% cotton so it’s very soft, like my bunny. It feels nice when it rubs against my skin - there aren't any scratchy bits. I have quite a long body (so people keep on saying) and some clothes come up a bit short on me, but these are a little bit longer than other tops I've tried and seem to fit better.

Us: When you tried this top did you miss wearing a bodysuit or vest under it like you would usually if you were wearing a normal t-shirt and shorts, for example?

Mr C: Nope, I didn't miss it at all because when the lady who changes me pulled my trousers down to change me, my nappy didn’t come off with the trousers, which is what usually happens if I don’t wear a bodysuit under my top. Sometimes she puts a complaint in because things can get a bit messy when I've done a poo and there's nothing holding my nappy in place. When it kept happening before I tried these tops she told me she might quit and get me a new lady or man. A bit harsh I felt - doesn't she realise if I could do it myself I would.

Also, if it's too hot to wear a bodysuit under a top I think I look a bit funny just in a vest tucked into my trousers, like Simon Cowell. These tops are good because they are only one layer of material, great for when it's warm.

Us: So are you saying the tops aren't great if it's colder?

Mr C: No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I just do what any normal person would do and team it with a jumper or a cardy if it's a bit nippy. Also if you're just wearing a normal t-shirt and your helpers lift you up, the t-shirt can ride up so your tummy sticks out which can be embarrassing (and a bit chilly) depending on the time of year. Personally I don't want anyone apart from the lady who changes me seeing my belly button, it's a very personal thing.

Here's me practicing some tummy time while wearing the top - it keeps the lady who changes me happy but actually it's a right pain in the neck (tummy time not the top). You can see here how it covers my nappy nicely - no self-respecting baby wants their nappy on show. Gosh I'm handsome, from the back and the front!

Us: Did you find the top easy to get on and off?

Mr C: Yes. I'll be the first to admit I've not got the smallest head in the world, but because there are two poppers on one shoulder the lady who changes me could get it over my face without pulling my ears and nose off too. I don't like to say, but sometimes she can be a bit gung ho and in the past at times it's felt as though she's trying to squeeze my head through an arm hole by mistake.

Us: And do you think the top was good value for money (from £8.99 for short sleeve tops and from £9.99 for long sleeve tops)?

Mr C: Obviously I don't source my own clothes at the moment - the lady who changes me supplies them on demand - but these look and feel top quality and are made in Great Britain, which I think is really important and it's really important to the Snugtums brand too.

Us: What was the best thing about the top?

Mr C: At my age I don’t usually go for anything but a decent sleep suit because they’re so comfy, and the lady who changes me told me we were getting through too many due to my 'little accidents' (I don't know what she's talking about). So she didn't want to risk putting me in proper clothes yet and having to change them every five minutes (her words, not mine).

But, I rebelled because a) I'm the boss and b) I felt a bit like I was missing out on wearing all the lovely trousers and shorts I’d been given as gifts. They make me feel a bit more grown-up too. And when I tried the Snugtums top with my trousers I realised I could be both stylish and comfy at the same time!!

Us: Do you have any clothing advice for other babies out there?

Mr C: Yes. Better training in the early days for the grown-ups who change you will result in them realising you should have more of a say in what you wear. They are programmed to think that when you cry you are either hungry, tired, windy, or you need your nappy changed. News flash - we cry when we don't like our outfits too, just like the grown-ups do! Believe me I've seen the lady who changes me empty her entire wardrobe, try it on and shout about not having anything to wear on countless occasions.

Us: What happened when you washed the top?

Mr C: I have a lady who does my washing every day, it's not my area. I made sure she followed the instructions carefully (we had an incident where a whole wash was turned pink due to her 'stray' red sock - I refuse to wear the now pink and blue-striped sleep suit out in public).

The tops should be washed at 40 degrees and you shouldn't tumble dry them. The lady who changes me had been tumble drying all my clothes and wondering why at 3 months old I'd grown out of the 6-9 month clothes after just one wash. Bless her she hasn't slept much recently for some reason. Personally I don't think the bottle she drinks before bed is full of milk - whatever it is isn't obviously isn't doing her much good. Anyway the top came out beautifully - she usually has to iron my stuff but to be honest this top didn’t really need it.

Check me out, I'm in a video on You Tube.

The lady who changes me made one of me wearing the top. She hates the sound of her voice but I quite like it, even though she's talking about me like I'm not actually there. Don't tell her I said so but she had to do it quite a few times because she kept fluffing her lines, at one point I did feel like it might take forever so I feigned hunger just to get a break.

Due to her inexperience she decided to shoot the video when I was due a nap, so please excuse my lack of interaction and the presence of the sleeping aid, my addiction to which I did not want made public. I'm still training her on what I need and when, and I do have a tendency to change my mind from time to time - she's a slow learner but she'll get the hang of things sooner or later (I hope!)

Anyway I hope you find the video useful as I these tops are pretty cool but it can be difficult to explain how they work and how useful they are.

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